Criminal Justice Attorney in Greenwood Village, CO

See how a criminal justice attorney can help you protect your rights when you’re facing criminal charges in Greenwood Village, CO. Graf & Associates believes in providing clients with friendly service, timely information, and accurate answers. We represent people in a range of matters, including drug and violent crimes, white-collar crimes, and DUI charges.

We have convenient appointment scheduling that will fit your busy day, and we’ll provide you with excellent service throughout the legal process. Our attorney will take the time to help you understand the law, your rights, and your responsibilities. We’ll review your defense options so that you can make more informed decisions regarding your future. We hope that you’ll benefit from our:

  • Local representation
  • Personal, courteous service
  • Competitive rates
Our lawyer is ready to speak on your behalf, negotiate with prosecutors, and represent you in open court. We offer services throughout Greenwood Village, so call our criminal justice attorney to see how you might benefit from the services at Graf & Associates.


Gregory Graf